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Glitch Hop Artists

The Tripp Brothers // Sean Tripp and Jimmy Tripp

Jimmy & Sean Tripp, are two Midwestern horn players that live the funk. Forging the sounds of saxophone & trombone, fused with heavy bass music, their tones reverberate shockwaves throughout the crowd. Their ability to keep the groove makes dancing inevitable. Illuminating your soul with exploding horn hits, funky solos, and wicked scratching rarely seen in today's live performances, makes these two a must-see act!

The Tripp Brothers are classified as glitch hop, playing loud groovy music, with elements of hip-hop, dubstep, house music, and jazz. You can feel the energy of their music expressed through heavy bass drops seen in dubstep. It's likely you will classify their sounds along the lines of trippy electronic artists like Griz, Gramatic, Pretty Lights, and Chromeo.

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Summer Camp 2021 - Illumination Stage

Video by Crystal Lotus Studios

Summer Camp 2022 - Soul Shine Tent 

Video by Andrew Linn



The Tripp Brothers at Summer Camp Music Festival 2019 

Video by Crystal Lotus Studios

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New Releases

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Summer Camp 2021 - Illumination Stage

Photography by Crystal Lotus Studios

Festivals Played

Summercamp - IL

515 Alive - IA

Kosmic Kingdom - IA

Bass Woods - IA

Bongathon - CO

Even Further - WI

Dawn and On - IL

Roaring City - CHI

Driftmore - WI

Camp Euphoria - IA

Other World Winter Fest - Chicago

BarnYard Boogie - IL

Future Bass Fest - Quad Cities

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Upcoming Shows

03/01/2024 - Chicago, IL - Jamboozled The Preparty with Kowan & Company at The Underground Lounge. Tickets

03/09/2024 - Rock Island, IL - New Beginnings at Bent River

08/08/2024 to 08/11/2024 - Republic, MI -  Summer's End Smokeout 2024

09/27/2024 to 09/28/2024 - Mendota, IL = JAMBOOZLED Music & Arts Festival 


Funky solos and turntable scratching really set the groove at their shows!

 “The Tripp Brothers (Sean & Jimmy Tripp) have been a staple the Quad Cities electronic music scene since 1997."

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